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Still cranking…

DSBB is still cranking along. We update our Facebook page fairly regularly, but not this page too often. If you have questions about the gym or becoming a member please email us at


New Toys

New Dumbbells for the gym are here. We’ll have a new dumbbell rack in soon to get them up off the floor.


T-Shirt Order round 2

We will be placing another T-Shirt order. Same design as last time with the DSBB logo on the back and the arched lettering on the front. Cost is $18 each.

You can pick Red, Black, or Pink (the most hardcore color).

We can ship if you pay shipping, otherwise local pickup.

Email us at for orders

Bench Training

Angie’s SPF Women’s ProAm Meet Results

Angie had a rough training cycle battling injuries but put together a great day at the Women’s ProAm. Se competed in the Raw 148 class, here’s how she did:

Opener: 175 – good lift, very fast
2nd Attempt: 195 – good lift, still fast
3rd Attempt: 215 – good lift, still fast! 5lbs PR

We had to go conservative on her squat because of how her hips were bothering her all training cycle. She squatted better at the meet than she has all cycle and all her lifts were very fast. She probably could’ve gone 195-215-230, but with her hips we erred on the side of caution and she still walked away with a PR.

Opener: 155 – good lift, 5lbs PR
2nd Attempt: 160 – miss, misgroved a bit
3rd Attempt: 160 – miss, out of gas

On bench we opened Angie with a PR, which she nailed. In training she we were thinking she would hit 160/165 at the meet but squats do take it out of you before you bench. A PR is always solid to walk away with!

Opener: 295 – good lift, fast and smooth
2nd Attempt: 320 – good lift, 5lbs PR
3rd Attempt: pass

On Deadlift the goal was to hit 320. So after her opener it was straight to the PR. She had to really gut this one out at the top, but she never stopped pulling and nailed it! It was awesome.

So, Angie went:

Squat: 215 PR
Bench: 155 PR
Deadlift: 320 PR
Total: 690 PR

A fantastic day for Angie. Her training partners are very proud of her!


So, again, completely terrible at updating this page. We are growing as a gym, we now have 3 disciplines of strength groups at DSBB:

Highland Games

We have 2 Powerlifting groups right now, 1 Strongman, and 1 Highland Games group. We have about 12 full time members right now with a couple students who are back and forth in town when they are co-oping. So, we’ve got a solid group. We have a couple of our raw lifters who are very close to raw Elite: Angie and Lou. I expect both of them to get their Elite Totals in the next year.

Kyle and Tim have their first Strongman show of the year coming up in March over in Georgia. Looking forward to seeing how they do. Angie is getting ready for the Women’s Pro-Am in April, we have a few guys planning to do the SPF meet in Arab, AL in April as well and the Highland Games season hasnt started yet.

As always, if you are interested in DSBB, shoot us an email and we will get back with you.

Lou’s Meet Results, SPF Alabama State

Lou competed at 198 at the SPF Alabama State Meet a couple weeks ago. He had a great day: